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Employees are the backbone of every successful company, so much so, that keeping a knowledgeable staff becomes the most essential component of any organization. Enabling company staff to be properly trained, stay up-to-date and learn new skills will inevitably create individuals that are more productive and better equipped to meaningfully contribute to your business. However, the time and cost of personally training staff in a large professional arena can reach millions of dollars depending upon the size of the company.

With Vertical Streaming’s interactive video Training and Certification solutions, organizations will never have to choose between money and the crucial training their employee’s need. Our comprehensive Learning Video System is the ultimate training tool, giving employers a detailed look at each individual’s progress and updates. With Vertical Streaming’s real time Analytics administrators can track their employees time of play, length of play, geo-location as well as ensure that they passed the assigned tests and quizzes. We provide an engaging and interactive, completely branded and customizable solution for all of your professional development needs.

  • Perfect for videos that were previously live streamed, or broadcast your training live online.
  • State of the art Learning Video System (LVS).
  • Track employee/trainee progress with our real time analytics.
  • Test or quiz your trainees to certify that they understood the curriculum.
  • Create your very own certification program.
  • Ongoing application upgrades.
  • Keep classes and users organized with easy to use Video Portal Management System
  • Global content delivery network to train users worldwide.
  • Fully interactive & engaging system.
  • Videos displayed on a site secure with MediaGuard.
  • Reach your trainees/employees online, or mobile video.
  • Cost Effective

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