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Pay-Per-View / E-Commerce

Pay-Per-View / E-Commerce

Selling content in a time where it can be easily stolen and distributed can seem like a daunting task. On top of the expensive production cost of tangible media, CDs and DVDs can be easily replicated and re-sold or can end up online for anyone to watch and download for free. Fortunately, Vertical Streaming offers a secure and easy alternative to physical DVD and CD distribution. With our Lights Out 24/7 turnkey solutions, customers can purchase videos or previously streamed content online on a fully integrated customizable site.Administrators can regulate viewings by allowing access to their content on a per stream basis (Pay-Per-View), by time-limited access (rentals), or by allowing the download of a digital copy. Don’t get left behind, let Vertical Streaming move your organization into the digital era.

  • Good for individuals/organizations with extensive media libraries
  • E-Commerce applications are completely customizable and fully branded to represent your company store front
  • Be one of the first to host an E-Commerce site that monetizes digital content
  • Offer videos on a rental basis, digital download or hard copy
  • Monitor all your sales from our dashboard with our real-time analytics
  • Simple integration with our application and your current shopping cart
  • Videos displayed on a site secure with MediaGuard
  • Generate passive re-occurring revenues
  • User-friendly video portal management system
  • Comes with our real-time Analytics to learn more about your viewers
  • Allows viewers fast and easy access to materials 24/7
  • Multiple media players with Bandwidth Detection, Closed Captioning, and our special Lights Out feature
  • Have your own gateway or join our revenue sharing model using our online store

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